About Menno Bieringa

So, what can I tell you… I’m Dutch, 40-something years of age, father, husband and enthusiastic enough about a couple of things that I decided to write about them online.

Topic that I like to rant about are:

  • Parenting
    It’s difficult and there’s no such thing as a manual to being a parent, but if my insights and failures are of any use to you then I’ve accomplished my mission.
  • (Argentinian) Barbeque
    There’s nothing that brings people together like barbeque.
  • Communication
    Yes, that is a broad subject and no, I’m not narrowing it down.
  • Programming
    My practical knowledge may not be 0-day, I still know a thing or two about it
  • Working with (remote) teams
    Basically one of the many flavors of communication

But before you continue reading anything on this website, here’s a little disclaimer:

Don’t just believe anything I say!
I’m not an expert at anything. I only have a proven track record of a few things. Everything else I write about comes forth from:

  • Reading books and/or websites
  • Common sense (or whatever I believe to be common sense)
  • My own meandering experiences

So, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way feel free to peruse these pages and if you drop me a line you’d really make my day.