Argentinian Barbecue – Killer Pionono, Eggplant Hummus and Asado

This time we went to meet a relative of my wife and her partner.
As you can imagine we were warmly welcomed with … asado!

But let’s start with the things that I have never blogged about.

Pionono – Keto version

A Pionono is something that Italian origins but is very popular as a festive food in Argentina.
Although it looks very much like a rolled up pancake it is actually a savory dish with a sweet touch.

On the inside you’ll find things like tomato, olives, ham, hard boiled egg, tuna, including mayonnaise.
This particular one had slices of ham, cheese and tomato.

The one you see below however is of the Keto variety. This means it contains little to no carbohydrates.
For example it doesn’t contain any flour unlike the traditional Pionono.

Pionono with tomato, cheese, ham, mayonnaise.

Bell Peppers with eggs, cream and cheese

Vegetables and barbecue go well together too!
That’s proven by these ultra-tasty bell peppers, filled with egg, cream and cheese.

I believe that preparing them is simple.
Just cut the bell peppers in half, fill them with a mixture of egg, cream and grated, fatty cheese and leave them on the not-too-hot part of the barbecue for about 20 minutes.

But to be sure I’d have to ask the maestro himself.
Fun fact: He just opened a new delivery restaurant called Oma Food.

Filled Bell Peppers from the barbecue

Eggplant Hummus

Another example that shows that you can prepare more than just meat on the barbecue was Pablo’s Eggplant Hummus.

The process in brief is that he just tossed the uncut eggplant into the charcoal and let it burn completely black on all sides! Then, under running water, he stripped the charred crust off of it and what’s left over is the cooked eggplant which then goes into the processor with cream cheese and some herbs.

Very nice on bread or breadsticks!

A selection of meats

And of course there was a selection of well prepared meats!
Here we see:

  • Costillar de cerdo – Pork rib meat
  • Vacio – Flank steak

This was yet another great asado at a very welcoming home.
I’m lucky my wife has such awesome relatives!

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