Argentinian Barbecue Spree – Part 2 – Grilled Chicken

As a thank you to my inlaws I decided to roast some chicken.
Not really a very inspiring cut but still very tasty and affordable.

We started off by going to the butcher and the vegetable store around the corner.
If you’re from the western parts of Europe this type of store might seem like a blast from the past.

A good chicken still has some of the skin on it and is grain or corn fed which you can recognize from the yellow-ish hue of the skin.

On a low-heat fire it takes about 1 hour to properly cook.
Adding some heat at the end makes the skin nice and crispy.

This chicken is halfway done and received a bit too much heat at the start which is why it’s already a bit too crispy on some parts 🤦‍♂️.

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