The first part of our Argentinian Barbecue Spree

Today we arrived in Argentina after a long, long journey of almost 48 hours, door to door.
So, the first thing you’d expect us to do is sleep.

But no. That’s not acceptable when visiting your inlaws.
The first thing we did was to have an asado!

Because we arrived 24 hours later than planned the meat had been frozen and that’s really something you can taste. Nevertheless it was a great start to our stay here in C√≥rdoba, Argentina.

Here’s a snapshot of what was on the parrilla, after I took off the chorizos and everything got rubbed with a bit of chimichurri (Original recipe by Carolina Bauque).

Different cuts of meat on the barbecue, all covered in a bit of chimichurri

It’s been a long time since I tasted some real Argentinian Costillas. The costillas I can get in the Netherlands come from Ireland and have a rather different flavor.

There Vacio (Flank Steak) was cut into 2 halves. The thick part and the skinny part which were then tossed on the grill at different times so they’d be ready at the same time. Obviously the thick part went on first.

Morrones, or red bell peppers are really nice to cook on the grill.
Just remove the blackened parts afterwards in cold water to chill the vegetable and then cut it into small pieces to be a main ingredient of a vegetable salad.

The Molleja (Gizzard) is a bit of an acquired taste but when cooked thoroughly it’s quite tasty too!
That said, it’ll never be my true favorite.

And let’s not forget the chorizo.
An evergreen, a banger… The answer to every “I still have some space left” situation.

All-in-all a good start of our Argentine barbecue spree!

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