These Argentine wines really spice up any barbecue

A barbecue just isn’t quite complete without a good glass of wine.
As the Argentine kitchen mostly uses beef the obvious choice would be red wine.

Argentina is a fantastic wine country!

The Andes is a huge mountain range that starts in the south of Argentina and extends all the way to the tip of South America: Colombia. There is a great documentary about it on Netflix. Highly recommended!

A lot of vineyards are located on the slopes of the Mendoza province at an altitude of 1500 meters. The temperature differences between day and night are large, but that has a positive effect on the grapes and their aromas. The result are some really great Argentine wines.

The Malbec grape is the grape of Argentina and also my absolute number one.
This actually French grape is particularly good, but Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot are also real local gems.

Malbec wines

Very good white wines are produced in Argentina but as I personally don’t enjoy white wine all that much I rarely drink any. That’s why this review only looks at red wines.


Norton wines are as common in any household in Argentina as cockroaches! You can obtain a bottle at any local convenience store for about US$2,-.

In the Netherlands you can buy this wine at most supermarkets for about US$8,-.
It’s a fine wine, but not an overperformer.

This would be my go to wine to open up while enjoying some Choripan!

La Linda

La Linda is a Luigi Bosca label. This wine is slightly more classy than the Norton and is characterized by aromas of cherries and herbs. In most Argentine restaurants you will find this wine at the top of the wine list. Here in the Netherlands it costs about US$ 9,-

Salentein – Killka

This is a winery of standing. Together with the Luigi Bosca, this is the upper end of the middle class. The Killka wine is a blend of grapes from the Salentein estate and has a fruity taste. Killka means “entrance” in Quechua, an ancient Andean language.

Luigi Bosca

Luigi Bosca is the main label of this finca (winery). This Malbec has aromas of oak and dark and red fruit. Together with the Killka, these are very fine wines, especially with a nice piece of medium-rare beef.


Rutini is my personal favorite.
The 2005 – 2009 productions are especially great, but in general a Rutini wine has an aroma that I have not smelled and tasted anywhere else.

Rutini calls it “ultra-premium wine” herself and I agree.
For me, such a bottle only opens when there is really something special to celebrate!

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