Bread, sausage and added flavor – The good shizzle!

Street food comes in all shapes, sizes and levels of hygiene.
No matter what country you’re in, street food will tell you much about their kitchen. The herbs and spices they use or the type of ingredients they have plenty of.
Choripan is an example of that.

Argentina’s number one without a doubt is the Choripan. A tasty sausage in between a fresh baguette lined with a wide range of sauces, spices and other flavors.

Professional and improvised vendors set up shop wherever the crowds are.
A throng of people can always be found queuing up at the vendors outside nightclubs, in the parks or even at the peaceful protest Argentina has so many of.

You’re bound to find some entrepreneurial spirits taking advantage of the situation to sell some soul food.

Choripan vendors at a protest

No matter where in Argentina you find yourself, there’s always a Choripan vendor near you.

How to prepare your own Choripan at home


  • Baguette – white (nice and fresh)
  • Bratwurst
    The one from Lidl comes closest to the real Argentine Chorizo.
    It only misses those nice coarse pieces of fat.
  • Chimichurri (Original recipe by Carolina Bauque)
  • Add sauces to your liking – Mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, etc…
  • Other “acids” like
    • Pickle slices or Cornichons
    • Greek green peppers
    • Coleslaw


It doesn’t get much easier!

  • Grill the sausages for about 10-15 minutes over medium heat
  • Cut the baguette into pieces of ±15cm and then cut these pieces in half lengthwise.
  • Add some tasty sauces and pickles or peppers!
  • Now put the sausage in and generously transfer with Chimichurri

Pure enjoyment, dirt cheap.

PS. If you don’t use Quebracho charcoal for this, that’s totally fine as this is not a quality meat at all!

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