Fernet and Coke – How to mix a Córdoba classic

Although invented in Italy, the Argentine have really adopted Fernet as their own. By many it is regarded as the national drink but was introduced by the wave of Italian immigrants during the great European immigration wave.

Especially in the province of Córdoba this alcoholic beverage is mighty popular.
It got even so popular that the brand erected a factory in Córdoba to cope with the demand!

It might be a bit of an acquired taste but Fernet mixed with Coke is actually quite a refreshing drink and should be consumed cold.

The recipe (as always) is simple:

  • Toss 4-5 ice cubes into a long drink glass
  • Add 3 fingers of fernet
    (Pro-tip: Obtain Argentina-produced Fernet as it’s taste is a bit milder)
  • Fill up with Coca Cola
    (Using other brands or sugar free variants may get you shunned by the Argentine!)
  • Enjoy!

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