How to boost your Android 8 Oreo device’s speed

How I made my 6 years old Google Nexus 5X run faster in 2021

I hated how slow my Android device had become but I also hate the idea of tossing away perfectly good hardware. Manufacturers allegedly make them slower on purpose to stimulate people to buy a new device.

So I Googled a bit trying to find a solution but failed.
Things like a factory reset may help briefly, but it’s a time consuming operation and didn’t deliver the results I was looking for.

Surely I’m not the first to describe the following, but I feel it can’t be made clear enough.
Mining the minerals needed to manufacture batteries only is a terribly polluting enterprise, so people, please make the most of your device’s lifetime!

Battery Optimization kills performance

I discovered that Android has a feature called “Battery Optimization” which causes your device to become very slow if it’s activated for too many apps or elements of the Operating System itself.

By changing each and every app from “Optimized” to “Not Optimized” I experienced a dramatic improvement in performance almost instantly.

How to disable Battery Optimization

Open your settings screen

And Tap “Apps & notifications”

Tap on any app from the list

It doesn’t matter which one.

Tap on “Battery”

Tap on “Battery optimization” under Manage Battery usage

Switch to the “All apps” view

Get busy

Now the time consuming part starts.

Click on each app that is part of the Android OS (….) and each app that you often use and then select “Don’t optimize”, followed by “Done”

It’s gonna take 5 minutes but it’ll be worth your time!

My experience was that it took a couple of minutes before I noticed the difference.
I guess that the OS first needs to have a reason to access a certain app or element and then it’ll apply the new setting.

I hope this helps you as much as it helped me.

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