Flank Steak (Vacio) in Citric Marinade – By Jord Althuizen

Many men believe to be gurus of barbecue. But only a few can really call themselves that.
One of them is Dutch hero of the flame, Jord Althuizen.
And coincidentally he lives right around the corner!

He travelled to several Latin American countries, including Argentina to gain inspiration and recipes for his book Smokey Goodness 2.

Having spent a lot of time in Argentina myself myself this picture-rich book is a trip down memory lane for me.
One of my favorite recipes is a marinated Flank Steak (“Vacio” in Spanish, “Bavette” in Dutch).
Although it is uncommon for any Argentine to marinade or season meats with anything more than salt, this one really compliments the flavor of the meat.

For the preparation details I’d like to refer you to his book, but here’s some pictures of my preparation.
A good vacio, like all good BBQ meats, has fat. This one didn’t and it shows.

The lesson here: Always buy good meats. The fattier, the better!
You only live once!

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