How to cook a mean Pork Neck with tasty Rosemary seasoning

One of my favorite cuts for the BBQ is Pork Neck.
It’s a naturally fatty meat which makes it a perfect BBQ cut. Also, it’s easy and quick to prepare.

As it has a very nice flavor by itself it is really not necessary to season it all that much.


Get yourself pork neck slices of about 2 – 3cm (1 inch) thick.

Cover the meat in a thin layer of sunflower oil and sprinkle it generously with: Sea Salt (coarse grains), Black pepper (fine ground) and Fresh Rosemary (cut nice and small with a knife)

Let it sit like this for about 1 hour outside of the fridge so the oil can absorb the flavour of the seasoning and the meat reaches room temperature.

Pork neck with rosemary | Procureur met Rosemarijn

Now cook the meat in about 8-10 minutes on a hot BBQ.
Try to only turn over the meat once!

Once the core temperature reaches 70°C (158 F) the meat is done.
The outside should have colored nicely too, aided a bit by the sunflower oil.

Like your meat well-done? Then add another 2 minutes.

Add some bell peppers and onion to get a nice colorful palette of flavor on your plate

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