How to keep the heat in your meat

No, this is not the title of some sleazy video, but it’s a genuine issue for the barbecue lover to keep the meat warm while it’s sitting on the table.

Keeping barbecue meat warm before eating it

One option is to only serve the meat you’re about to eat and leave the rest on the barbecue, guarding it personally as not to let it get dry or worse: burn!
A great strategy that no true asador (barbecue operator) would mind but it does tend to keep you away from the social event that is unfolding at the table.

The other option is to get yourself a “brasero”.

This common Argentine household article is essentially just a metal serving dish with a charcoal container underneath. They come in many designs, shapes, sizes and levels of quality, but by far the most common is this “chatita” (little can)

It’s unlikely to be available in your area but if you search for “Brasero Parrilla” you’ll probably find a (sort-of) local importer of Argentine / Paraguayan articles that may have it.

Cut up and mixed Costillas and Vacio

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