2 Good reasons to use Quebracho charcoal on your barbecue

If you’re into Argentine Barbecue (Parrilla) then you can’t go without the proper charcoal. Although many Argentinians prefer using wood (leña) a lot of charcoal is used too. Typically this made from quebracho wood.

There’s two very important reasons why you should use Quebracho wood when doing things the Argentinian way:

1. Quebracho’s characteristic scent and flavor

If you’ve ever been to Argentina then the scent of burning Quebracho will surely trigger fond memories of fire, food and friendship set against a smokey backdrop caused by burning Quebracho.

That scent also rubs off on whatever you’re grilling. So it’s truly noticable if you use another type of wood.

2. Quebracho burns much longer than ordinary charcoal

The Quebracho tree is a type of oak, making it a slow growing and dense type of wood. This results in a type of charcoal that holds a lot of energy which is released slowly.

But not only does it burn much longer than common charcoal types, it also is apt to be used in a grill where the charcoal doesn’t get any air from below. Which is exactly the way Argentinian barbecues are built.

Once I’m done with my fire-fests I extinguish the remaining charcoal and use it again for my next fire-fest rather than just letting it burn up. Saves money, avoids more strain on the environment.

Don’t believe I’m a big fan?
Here’s a shot of me after receiving 60kg of Quebracho from vuurenrook.nl!

I’m ready for the season!

60 Kg of quebracho charcoal – Ready for summer!

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