Parrilla – How to build an Argentinian Barbeque experience

🎵 I … like … big … beefs and I cannot lie… 🎵

Menno Bieringa

If there’s two things I really like it’s BBQ and having guests.

I love everything from the prep work and the knowledge we’ll be spending some quality time with friends to the scent and crisp of the first flames all the way through to the end of a wonderful afternoon or evening. It’s all part of the experience.

And even though far from a good asador (which is how the Argentines call the pitmaster) I decided to remodel the cabin in our backyard and change it into a great place to roast something, regardless of the weather.

From rustic cabin to posh outdoor kitchen and living room

The entire thing was built by me, except for the metal parts which were designed by me, but fabricated by Kachelmaterialenshop and BBQMakers (Viktor Krabbenborg)

Want to build your own barbeque just like this one?
Download my Sketchup designs for inspiration!

NOTE that there’s several things wrong with the initial design so there’s quite a lot of smoke coming back into the room.

The main reason for that is that the opening in the front is very large in comparison with the length and diameter of the smoke channel. The heat can cool down quite a lot before it reaches the chimney and so there’s too little upward draft.

I’ve been able to improve this by removing the first “ceiling” resulting in a more bell-shaped and “deeper” smoke chamber which should allow for a better buildup of warmth that should cause smoke to be forced up the chimney.
Effectively I’ve built a bell within the bell, laced with calcium silicate board to avoid the wood and the outside of the bell getting hot.

Still, that wasn’t quite good enough, so I tried applying a “garganta” but that didn’t seem to solve the issue so I removed it.

What you really need is the following:

  1. The chimney diameter should be at least 5 cm wider.
  2. Get a longer smoke channel
    I chose to keep it short to not ruin the view for my neighbors but I’m paying the price for that now.
  3. Consider placing a spinning chimney cowl
  4. Reduce the opening of the BBQ.
  5. Do the math that I didn’t.

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