Layar GetPOI responses Auto Completion for Editplus

As an Editplus user and Layar developer I felt the need to have auto completition and syntax coloring for when making Layar GetPOIs-JSON Responses.

Installation instructions

  1. Locate the directory where Editplus stores its acp and stx files.
    Under Windows 7 this should be something like c:users<yourname>appDataRoamingEditplus
    Under Windows XP and earlier you should use the Editplus installation directory under C:Program FilesEditplus
  2. Extract this ZIP file into the before mentioned directory.
  3. Configure Editplus by copying the settings as seen below into the dialog at Tools -> Preferences -> Settings & syntaxeditplus settings



Now, create a new POI document and try typing: (note the spaces at the end of each string)

“action ” – Minimal action object
“action_share ” – Action object using the Layarshare protocol
“actions ” – Empty actions array
“geoanchor ” – Geolocation POI. (lat/lon/alt)
“hotspot ” – Minimal hotspot (POI) object
“object ” – Object object
“refanchor ” – Anchor based on a Reference Image (Layar Vision)
“rotate ” – Rotation object
“text ” – Full text object
“transform ” – Full transform object
“translate ” – Full translate object

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